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Anti spam software designed to work with the Smartermail mail server to offer a Mail in Black similar solution
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4 March 2014

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This is a spam filtering solution for Smartermail users.

Frozen Spam is a solution for Smartermail users and / or administrators. It is able to catch all spam mail. It is easy to set up for effective filtering by administrators. Effective spam filtering can actually save you time and money. Just some relevant statistics says, US businesses lose some $10 billion as 70% of all mail is actually spam. All that spam mails eat into ISP bandwidth provided and that is a direct loss to them. By eradicating spam, this tool will be able to save you a lot of time you would have spent in cleaning up spam mails. The time saved can be directly used in finding business solutions. It is so difficult to catch all the spam mails. Smartermail administrators have a tough time trying to get rid of that spam.

The interface is reasonably simple and the IT administrator types will be able to master the stuff quite easily. On the top display page you get to specify various file paths. These include the procedure folder, domains, spool, and CGI can be specified. This screen shows other settings being available through different tabs. These tabs indicate groups of controls including Froze spam reaper, Frozen Spam CGI, users, etc. These configurations could be saved for future use. A status bar near the bottom of the display shows you how long this spam control has been running. If you are a Smartermail user and are looking for an effective spam guard here is a trial candidate. This is very good product.

Publisher's description

Frozen Spam is the ULTIMATE ZERO SPAM solution for Smartermail users and / or administrators.
It uses a proven technology with zero fault and has been designed specifically to fit the need of Smartermail server's administrators.
You can discuss the merits of this method, but if you decide to run with FrozenSpam, then you can either make new profits or enjoy the free time that our product has given you by removing all that time spent dealing with spam.
If you are interested in spam eradication, if you have ever searched for a similar product like Mail In Black, but totally dedicated for your own mail server, then FrozenSpam is tailored for you!
Version 1.0
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